Judges: A Better King & Kingdom

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“Judges: A Better King & Kingdom”

A long time ago… in a land far, far away… the Covenant community was faced with two questions.  First, will they submit to the slavery of idolatry in the other nations or will they delight in the freedom of service in a Better Kingdom?  Second, who will lead the muddled population?  A reluctant farmer, a prophetess, a left-handed assassin, a devious pirate, and a raging barbarian all point to a better King.


Just as the nations were allowed to remain in the Promised Land so that each generation of the Covenant community might learn war (Judges 3:2), every Christian must learn the basic lesson of spiritual warfare:  I am the LORD (Ex. 20:2-6).  Yet our spiritual victory comes through the death of our King and the assurance of our place in a better kingdom comes through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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