Pulptit Nominating Committee

Re-start the Search     
The Pulpit Search Committee was elected and commissioned by the congregation in October 2013 to find the man God has prepared to be our next pastor; and to present that man to the congregation for your affirmation and election.  The Committee established early on that the man we nominated to you could not receive more than one dissenting vote among us.  Such a level of agreement would assure us, we believed, that we would place before you the pastor God has chosen for Covenant Church. Based on Gary’s call to move forward with his counseling ministry, and a desire to effect a smooth transition, we also set an arbitrary timeline to call a new pastor by August 2014. 
We advertised our pulpit search nationally and got recommendations from many of you and other friends and interested parties. We considered some 60-70 applicants, subsequently narrowing the field of candidates to (3) three men.  None of these three, however, gained a strong enough consensus to bring them to you as a nominee. So, we are going to re-start the search. We have learned a lot, plan to continue praying, working, and seeking God’s face, confident in His sovereign control. We are not discouraged.  
Pastor Spooner has agreed to delay his plans and continue as our pastor for a time. Many options are before us and your elders will take steps in the next few weeks to assure that the worship and work of the church goes on. God doesn’t always answer us when we want Him to, but he’s always on time. And He is always at work; We ask that you continue your work of praying for this process.
Bob Norman, for the Committee

Summer ’14 Adult Teaching Fellowships

Heretics and Heresies:

Today’s heretics and heresies are warmed over versions the church has recognized since its earliest days. What are these recurring heresies and how can we identify them today?
Tom Brantly and Steve Dowling lead us through this summer study of the people who strayed from the faith and those who sought to bring them back to the truth of Jesus Christ. 
Teaching Fellowships meet every Sunday at 9:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall.

Serving in the Nursery is powerful!

Powerful?! It doesn’t take much power to serve babies and small children! Nonetheless, nursery service is powerful in the lives of the little ones for whom we care, for they cannot help themselves. It is powerful in the help it gives to their parents, a gift of regular access to worship. And it is powerful in the fellowship, the shared life of the church. For when you serve, others get to worship more often. When everyone does his part in serving our youngest members, the whole church is served – powerfully! Contact Shea Tillman at 444.2926.


Covenant Finances

The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. 2 ~Corinthians 9:6 
            Giving              Expenses
May      $26,229           $28,442. 
June     $40,612           $27,661.

July Preaching Series

Halleluiah Sandwiches served
in July!

The concluding crescendos of the Book of Psalms (Psalms 146-150) begin with “Praise the Lord!” and end with “Praise the Lord!” In between the psalmists tell us why we should praise the Lord. Pastor Spooner will lead us in unraveling these sandwiches of praise each Sunday morning through August 10.  

Women’s Hope Medical Clinic

is hosting their bi-annual Client Advocate training this Fall
beginning Monday, August 4 at 5:00 p.m.  Contact Kaitlyn at 334-502-7000.  Facing an unplanned pregnancy or sexual health concern can be hard, and Women’s Hope’s mission is to provide compassionate care that empowers informed choices and recognizes the value and uniqueness of each person. 

The Covenant Calendar:            

6:00 a.m. Adventure Men’s Bible Study
6:30 a.m. Wednesday Warriors Men’s Bible Study
9:30 a.m. Ladies Bible Study, Music Room
7:00 p.m. Boys’ D-Groups meet
6:30 a.m. Men of the Word Bible study, Fellowship Hall

Shepherding Elder

July 13-20 
Don Upton
 on call for ministry needs and crisis response


July 14 – 20
14  Peter Polhemus,
      US Navy
15  David Rouse
16  Beth Givens,
      Christopher Lee
17  John Britton,
      Emily Taber
20  Rebecca Goodman,
      Teri Johnson
 (Miss your birthday? Call 821-7062 and get on our list!)


Prayer Calendar

July 14 – 20
15 Lue Slagh
15 Elizabeth Aiken
16 Matthew Duraski
17 Aaron & Tiffany
18 Monte Atkins
19 Rita Grub
20 Mike Sabin,
     MTW, TWR, Guam