Current Sermon Series

Our Covenant God:

The Gospel According to the book of Hebrews
Why are we called “Covenant Presbyterian Church”? Some churches are known by their location (for example, Fort Deposit Church). Others are known by their theology (for example, Providence Church). We are called “Covenant” because the Almighty God has spoken to us through his Son by means of a covenant. The book of Hebrews teaches us who our Covenant God is and what it means to be his covenant people.

Adult Teaching Fellowships

9:30 am

There will be no Sunday School or Adult Teaching Fellowships this Sunday, September 4th. On September 11th we will be returning to our regular meeting time of 9:30 AM and starting three new Adult Teaching Fellowships:

“Get Real”

taught by David Rouse and Daniel Phillips
Room E-8

“Gospel-Centered Community”

taught by Mike Wayman and Davis Judd
Fellowship Hall

Book of Romans

taught by Steve and Tom Dowling
Music Room

Morning Worship

10:45 am

Morning Worship starts at 10:45am in the sanctuary.