Over 2 billion individuals living somewhere across our world today still have no access to the Gospel.

We partner with missionaries and mission organizations who are committed to getting the Gospel to “every people, language and nation.”

Each year Covenant hosts a Missions Conference where we ask our church family to make individual, personal commitments to Faith Promise.  Faith Promise is what we call our annual missions offering.  We call it Faith Promise because a faith promise is an agreement you make with God to give – by faith- over a specific period of time, trusting God to provide the funds to fulfill the commitment He lays on your heart to give.

The missionaries featured here depend on our monthly financial support to help them continue the work that God has called them to do on the mission field.  That support is given through our church budget. Occasionally our missionaries have special “one time” needs. Your gifts to Faith Promise enable us to help when a special need arises. Faith Promise dollars are also used to send new missionaries to the field and to assist with short-term mission trips and mission partnerships.

Weekly Missions Message

Weekly Mission Message

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Missions Month has ended.

Covenant’s Missions Month ended this past Sunday.  We pray that you were motivated to become more involved in serving to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  An insert in Sunday’s church bulletin listed several websites from which you can learn about missions and unreached people groups:

Thanks to Markus Kreitzer for researching and assembling this list and much more information that can guide you to deeper involvement in God’s mission for the Church.

Plans for the Near Future

We are planning a short-term work with refugees from several countries in Clarkston, GA during June 4-8. We will be teaching refugee children Bible stories, crafts, tutoring in school work, and outdoor recreation.  If you are interested in participating, please contact John Parr, David Rouse, or Heike Williams.

A second short-term mission is scheduled, primarily for the Youth Group, to work for a week at the Palmer Home in Mississippi.  The dates for this trip are June 17-23.  If you are interested in participating or getting more information about this trip, contact David Rouse or John Parr.

Member Support Opportunity

Anne Spooner, a life-long member of Covenant, is planning to join the Greensboro Fellows Program for a mission trip to Rwanda this summer.  Please pray for her.

If you wish to provide financial support for Anne, you can send a check to: Greensboro Fellows Program P.O. Box 4764 Greensboro, NC 27404 with ‘Anne Spooner’ on the memo line.




Missions Month 2018

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Missions Month

Covenant’s Missions Month began on Sunday, February 4.  We met in the fellowship hall during Sunday School to hear from Lois Hunter of Wycliffe and to observe a demonstration of the One-Story Bible teaching technique use by Lois and Tim in their ministry in Africa. During Sunday School next Sunday, February 11, will hear from Matthew Delong of Reformed University Fellowship International about his work with international students at Auburn University.  The speaker for February 25 is Mark Kreitzer, PCA Pastor, and long-term missionary.

Missions Begins at Home

How fitting that the scripture from Sunday’s sermon contained the verse from Philippians “Let us look not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

In the past months, members at Covenant have been counseling with Dorothy, a single mother with four small children. Her living and relationship situation has escalated over the past several months, and she was evicted from her home on December 21st. She and her family spent Christmas and the following weeks in a battered women’s shelter. After six weeks her allowed time in the shelter ended. Her options were to be transferred to a shelter in Birmingham for a month and then on to a shelter in Montgomery for a month. Or she would be forced to live in her car. Covenant members committed the funds for the Pennyammons to stay at a hotel for eight days while we found a suitable place for them to live. Several members of Covenant committed to helping her get established in a home in the Beulah community where the children could continue to attend school there.  A suitable trailer was located and brothers, and sisters at Covenant began to assemble all necessary items along with funds for deposits and utilities to set up a home for the family. Mrs. Pennyammon was only able to take from her previous residence what would fit in her small vehicle plus her four children.

The move-in took place this past Saturday with donations and labor from our Covenant members, and the Pennyammons are settled into their new home. They couldn’t be happier!

While the home is humble compared to most of our homes, the children each have beds for the first time in their lives. Along with some other furniture that members of Covenant and Beulah Elementary School faculty provided. Through this process, Mrs. Pennyammon has kept asking why all of these people who don’t know her, would do this for her and her children. We simply answer that the love of Christ compels us.

Members have dropped off groceries, air mattresses, and other supplies, have offered to do their laundry, and even to have them in their homes. Several women have had the opportunity to share and pray with Mrs. Pennyammon and her mother and to point them to Christ.  Missions does begin at home, and in our own communities and we are thrilled that Covenant has a heart for those in need, both physical and spiritual.

A special thanks to those who gave of their time, energy and resources so willingly to help the Pennyammons: Bob and Betty Norman, Shea and Andrew Tillman, Elbert and Dana Lee, Cathy and Mike Wayman, Rita Grub, Gloria Jackson, Carol and Tom Tillman, Adam and Maegan Keel, Stephen and Meredith Taunton, Herb Wilbanks, Mark and Beth Slay, Tim and Lois Hunter, Marjorie Mitchell, John and Susan DiJulio, Karen Stephenson, Jack and Teri Johnson, Dave and Shelley Pillow, the Slay/Manifold/Judd/Pair small group, and the Diaconate for their support in the Pennyammon project.

It doesn’t take a village; it takes a church!



Matthew and Sherrene DeLong

Serving in East Alabama

RUF International, Auburn University


Covenant supported campus minister since 2014

RUF International is the campus ministry of the PCA that is specifically geared towards international students. Our main goal is to show the love of Christ to international students at Auburn University through biblical hospitality. We welcome these scholars to the US and build relationships with them through meeting basic needs they may have (like picking them up from the airport, helping to find housing, transportation, cell phones, and grocery stores). We also invite these students into our home for meals, engage in exploratory Bible studies for those unfamiliar with Christianity, and equip believers to return to their countries as leaders in their churches.

Our second goal is to encourage and equip American Christians to reach out to internationals. We work with local Christian families and churches by providing resources and opportunities for interaction with internationals, modeling biblical hospitality, and raising awareness about other countries, cultures, and customs.

Currently, we take international students to Walmart or Tiger Town every Monday night. We also host a dinner and game night every Friday evening from 6-9pm. If you’d like to meet some of our international friends, we’d love for your family to join us for Friday Food & Fun!

Eric Faison

Serving in Auburn/Opelika

Young Life


Covenant Missionaries since 2008

Young Life is a world-class ministry for adolescents. Our staff and volunteers enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them — fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. In doing so, we earn the privilege of talking to them about something that we think matters most of all — the truth about Jesus Christ.

  • Our goal is to plug kids into the church for life.
  • All of our staff and volunteers are active members of a church community.
  • Young Life is non-denominational/blessed by all major denominations/etc.
  • We have something to offer believing kids too — the opportunity to join with folks who want to impact their school for Christ.

Keith and Nikki Ray

Serving in East Alabama


Covenant supported ministry since 1975

Marannook is a summer training center in the Scriptures for college students with a practical application of that training through working with children. The Marannook staff, led by Keith and Nikki Ray, pour their lives into the college students as they are taught how to study the Word of God.  The college students are given over 100 hours of study and have the opportunity for personal application as well as the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ with precious campers.  The campers have a fun and exciting camp experience as the training staff pour their lives into the lives of the children.  It is our prayer that when the college students leave Marannook, they will be more effective in building God’s kingdom through family, church, and vocation.  Also, a summer support staff of high school students has the opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ through fellowship, Bible study, and service.  During the school year, the staff follows up with the college students and prepares the next summer.  We also have weekend retreats focused on family worship.

Wes and Nancy Simmons

Serving at Auburn University

Reformed University Fellowship


Covenant missionaries since 2014

Wes is the RUF Campus Minister at Auburn University, having previously served for 4 years as the RUF Campus Minister at Carson-Newman University in East Tennessee, and before that was on the Pastoral Staff of Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, TN. He is a graduate of Carson-Newman University and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He is married to his best friend Nancy and they have two wonderful daughters, Emily and Kate.

The Mission of RUF is to Reach Students for Christ and Equip them to serve in God’s Kingdom. We do this through avenues such as Large Groups, Small Groups, One-on-One meetings, as well as other events and conferences throughout the year. The Simmons have been serving in RUF since 2010, and at Auburn University since May of 2014.

Trinity Christian School

Serving in Opelika

Supported by Covenant since before 1998

The mission of Trinity Christian School is to help parents cultivate in their children an enduring love of learning, a commitment to serve others, and a dedication to the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty, forged from historical models of orthodox Christianity. We aim to graduate virtuous scholars who think clearly, listen carefully, discern wisely, reason persuasively, and articulate precisely – all with an eagerness to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The Lord has blessed the school with a close knit, spiritually mature, and academically gifted group of teachers committed to carrying on that mission. Since its establishment in 1978 the school has ministered to thousands of families, and that work continues within covenant families with children from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.


Pollyanna Brannan

Serving in Lee County and Macon County

Women’s Hope Medical Clinic


Covenant supported Ministry since 1983

The mission of Women’s Hope Medical Clinic is twofold.  It is first a Christian ministry dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of young women and men facing unplanned pregnancy.  Its secondary objective is to promote the sanctity of human life and the benefits of sexual abstinence before marriage.


Taylor and Sally Hostetter

Serving in Atlanta

The Navigators

Covenant missionaries since 1989

Taylor and Sally minister with The Navigators both overseas and in North America among the 220 million people who share a heritage in the ancient Eastern Christian Orthodox Church. These people groups include, among many others, Russians, Serbians, Greeks, Ethiopians, Egyptians, and Romanians.  Their primary focus is evangelism and whole-life discipleship.  In this effort Taylor and Sally are exploring ways in which the Christ-centered forms and practices of the early Christian Church cherished in these communities can be applied in our modern societies today.  Being based in Atlanta, they are deeply involved with local Orthodox communities where the leadership of the churches has asked them to help transform the communities into a disciple-making parishes.  At the moment Taylor and Sally lead both a young adult ministry and the “catechism” ministry which is the training of adults coming into the Church. This has proved an invaluable laboratory where individuals from many ethnic groups are seeking communion with God in the context of the ancient Church.

The lessons being learned locally are already being applied in the various overseas locations where Taylor and Sally travel and minister – primarily Russia and Serbia (where Taylor, Sally and their children, Jelena, Alex and Michael, lived for 17 years.)  One of the larger initiatives they are leading at the moment is a summer training experience for a dozen American Orthodox college-age students.  Taylor and Sally will lead the group through a year long preparatory training then spend the summer of 2016 with them in Belgrade, Serbia.  The Serbian nationals in the Navigator ministry there as well as local Serbian Orthodox clergy in Belgrade are very involved with this program which will reach out to the (under)-churched college age students of Belgrade.  This could prove to be an exciting model which could be implemented in numerous nations in the future.


Bradley and Sara Cordell

Serving in L’viv, Ukraine
Mission to the World


Covenant Missionaries Since 2011

Sara grew up in Auburn and attended Covenant from childhood through her college years. While attending Auburn University, Bradley also attended Covenant. Both of them began separate journeys in missions as singles. Sara took numerous CPC short-term trips to Romania; Bradley went to Ukraine multiple times with MTW as a college student. Sensing God’s call overseas, the Cordells joined the MTW Ukraine church planting team in L’viv in 2012. As the largest and most influential city in Western Ukraine, L’viv holds strategic significance in the western region and in the culture. The goal and vision of the MTW team is to plant a church planting church in L’viv and to reach an entire region with the Gospel. The L’viv church plant is the first reformed evangelical church in this strategic city. Church planting is the foundational goal and primary vision but other ministries naturally flow from a community of believers living and worshipping together. Some of the other major ministries of the team include university ministry, Bible studies, children’s ministry, theological education, English camps, kids camps, mercy ministry, music projects and translation projects. Bradley serves as the team’s Executive Administrator, manages all translation projects and is developing a publishing house for Christian materials. Sara works with the women’s and children’s ministries of the church, but her primary role is wife and mother to their 3 children: Hannah (9/10/09), Becca (7/11/11) and Ben (7/24/13).

Tim and Lois Hunter

Serving in USA/Africa


(including secure online giving)
Covenant missionaries since 2010

Tim and Lois have strong ties to Covenant – Lois is Ruth McFarland’s daughter. Tim grew up in Cameroon where his parents were missionaries. The Hunters have been with Wycliffe since 1985 serving in various technical and administrative roles both overseas and in the USA. They currently serve in the area of oral Bible storytelling as part of Wycliffe’s OneStory initiative. Covenant Pres reaches various parts of the African continent through Tim’s training and consulting in the OneStory project. Lois also proofreads Scripture manuscripts, a job she can do while caring for her mother here in Auburn.

Mike and Kelly Maney

Covenant missionaries since 2004

Mike attended Covanent Presbyterian Church while working with Athletes in Action at Auburn University from 1998-2000.  After that he and his wife Kelly worked in Tampa, Florida with the campus ministry in Cru while preparing to go to Russia as missionaries.  They lived in Russia from 2003-2007 working on college campuses in Ulan Ude, Siberia and Ekaterinburg, in the Ural Mountain region. While in Russia, they became aware of the emotional and relational challenges that stand in the way of missionaries thriving long term on the field.  Following God’s call to be a part of the solution of caring for missionaries, the Maneys (then with their first 2 daughters, and now with 3) moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2007 to be a part of the MidSouth Regional Team of Cru as they serve staff by training, sending, coaching, and debriefing missionaries to many partnership locations such as The Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Sweden, Senegal, and some closed countries in Central and East Asia.  Mike has also been pursuing a MA in Ministry Care and Spiritual Formation from Columbia International University, which has greatly assisted him in his shepherding of staff.

Wade and Lourdes McCollum

Serving in Honduras

Orphanage Emmanuel

Covenant Missionaries Since 2006

In 1989, David and Lydia Martinez founded Children’s Home Emmanuel to help the Lord raise His children in Honduras. With facilities including the church, homes for the children, staff and volunteers, dining halls, a laundry facility, warehouse, bakery, gymnasium, medical and dental clinics, Emmanuel is now home to over 400 unwanted, abandoned and abused children of all ages. Emmanuel’s vision is to evangelize and disciple all the children so that they may grow to be living lights and good examples in the ways of God to their countrymen.  Wade and Lourdes are the executive directors of Emmanuel after David and Lydia.  Wade is a native of Lineville, Alabama and received both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Auburn University.  Wade met Lourdes at Emmanuel where she grew up as one of the orphanage’s youth at risk.

Mike and Eli Sabin

Serving in Guam


Covenant missionaries since 2000

From Guam, shortwave radio station KTWR broadcasts biblical programs to the Asia/Pacific region.  Several “closed” countries lie within its coverage area.  Programming includes sharing the Gospel with unbelievers, discipleship, pastoral training, church services, and Bible study. The programs are designed for men, women, youth, children, oral communities, the sick, and the needy.

Mike and Eli have been serving on Guam under an agreement between MTW and TWR (Trans World Radio) since February 2002.  Mike is serving as chief engineer and is responsible for operations and maintenance of the transmitter equipment.  He also performs some facilities maintenance tasks.  Eli works in the finance department, hospitality department, and other areas as needed.

Chris Sayles

Serving in Southeast Asia

Resource Exchange  International

Covenant Missionary Since 2011

Chris is on staff with Resource Exchange International, an NGO focusing on development in creative access countries.  He is helping build capacity with English language teachers and students.

After spending two years of formal language study, Chris returned to the US for further fund-raising.  With that completed he will return and provide English language skills for teachers and students.  Outside of the classroom, Chris is making friends with colleagues and neighbors who aid him in ongoing language study and offer perspectives of normal life and culture. In the midst of these relationships Chris gets to share how knowing Jesus has changed his life and provides hope for eternal life.

Victor and Mihaela Tarniceriu

Serving in Romania

Dorcas House

Covenant missionaries since 1999

The Tarnicerius minister through three church congregations.  Victor and Mihaela also direct Dorcas House, a home for six orphaned girls who are too old to remain in Romania’s state-run orphanages.  These girls receive spiritual nurturing and education designed to prepare them to live independently.  Dorcas depends wholly upon the financial support sent by Covenant and the wages the girls earn working in close-by factories.  The nearby state-run orphanage houses 189 girls ages 5 to 16.  Victor works with the staff to provide Sunday school classes and Bible clubs.  When funds are available, girls are invited to participate in summer camps hosted by the church.

Sarah Wentworth

Serving in Bundibugyo, Uganda



Sarah grew up in the small town of Neosho, Missouri.  After graduating from Auburn University, she worked as a small animal veterinarian for 11 years. She was given a heart for missions through multiple short term trips (Peru, Kazakhstan, London, Moldova, and Uganda) with her church. As she was led to pursue long term missions, Serge’s vision and mission fit keenly with Sarah’s desire to engage in discipleship and mentoring. She will also minister to the physical needs of the people through veterinary medicine. She looks forward to joining the team in Bundibugyo, Uganda, in the Spring of 2015.