Ministering to and loving our students!


We want Covenant to feel like a home-away-from-home for college students and recent grads who are away from their families during this season of life. We want to love and invest in these students throughout their time here in the Auburn area.  Each fall Covenant families have the oportunity to open their homes and adopt students who would like to join a Covenant family while they are here for school or looking for a job.

Students and families who choose to participate will be matched up and encouraged to minister to one another.

Here are some guidelines for participating families:

  1. Complete the application indicating the number of students you would like to adopt as well as any special preferences you have (specific majors, international, male/female, particular individuals, etc.). We will do our best to match you according to your preferences.
  2. Once we have solicited students to participate and have made the matches, we will notify both you and your adopted student(s).
  3. Please contact your adopted student(s) in a timely manner to get together for an initial meeting.
  4. Try to have your student(s) into your home for a meal once per month as your schedules allow. You are encouraged to involve them regularly in your family life in other ways, including Sunday worship.
  5. Adoption commitments will last for a year.
Adopt-A-Student Application