Weekly Missions Message

By April 5, 2018 Missions Message

Missions Trips

Not everyone can go on a trip, let alone make the move to full-time missions. Family needs, current career situation, physical limitations, the season of life you’re in – God can still use you. He calls you to share the gospel wherever you are, whether to an unbelieving family member or to the neighbor across the street who wonders just where you go every Sunday morning.

Further, those who do go need a support team at home. This team may lend financial support, yes, but emotional and spiritual support are just as needed. This is a great way for you to get involved where you are!

Covenant has a missionary-care team you can join, contact John Parr or Lois Hunter if you feel led to join the team. Pray for the groups from your church that are going on short-term trips. Lend financial support as you are able. Attend post-trip events to hear about how the Lord worked in the trip participants as well as those in the field.  (Adapted from the MissionNext email newsletter, March 2018.)

Upcoming Short-Term Mission Trips

The Covenant Blossoming Team is planning a short-term work with refugees from several countries in Clarkston, GA during June 4-8. We will be teaching refugee children Bible stories, crafts, tutoring in school work, and outdoor recreation.  If you are interested in participating, please contact John Parr, David Rouse, or Heike Williams.

A second short-term mission is scheduled, primarily for the Youth Group, to work for a week at the Palmer Home in Mississippi.  The dates for this trip are June 18-22.  If you are interested in participating or getting more information about this trip, contact David Rouse, John Parr,  or Michael Pair.

Member Support Opportunity

Anne Spooner, a life-long member of Covenant is planning to join the Greensboro Fellows Program for a mission trip to Rwanda this summer.  Please pray for her. If you wish to provide financial support for Anne you can send a check, with ‘Anne Spooner’ on the memo line, to:

Greensboro Fellows Program P.O. Box 4764 Greensboro, NC 27404