Missions Month 2018

By February 8, 2018 Missions Message


Missions Month

Covenant’s Missions Month began on Sunday, February 4.  We met in the fellowship hall during Sunday School to hear from Lois Hunter of Wycliffe and to observe a demonstration of the One-Story Bible teaching technique use by Lois and Tim in their ministry in Africa. During Sunday School next Sunday, February 11, will hear from Matthew Delong of Reformed University Fellowship International about his work with international students at Auburn University.  The speaker for February 25 is Mark Kreitzer, PCA Pastor, and long-term missionary.

Missions Begins at Home

How fitting that the scripture from Sunday’s sermon contained the verse from Philippians “Let us look not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

In the past months, members at Covenant have been counseling with Dorothy, a single mother with four small children. Her living and relationship situation has escalated over the past several months, and she was evicted from her home on December 21st. She and her family spent Christmas and the following weeks in a battered women’s shelter. After six weeks her allowed time in the shelter ended. Her options were to be transferred to a shelter in Birmingham for a month and then on to a shelter in Montgomery for a month. Or she would be forced to live in her car. Covenant members committed the funds for the Pennyammons to stay at a hotel for eight days while we found a suitable place for them to live. Several members of Covenant committed to helping her get established in a home in the Beulah community where the children could continue to attend school there.  A suitable trailer was located and brothers, and sisters at Covenant began to assemble all necessary items along with funds for deposits and utilities to set up a home for the family. Mrs. Pennyammon was only able to take from her previous residence what would fit in her small vehicle plus her four children.

The move-in took place this past Saturday with donations and labor from our Covenant members, and the Pennyammons are settled into their new home. They couldn’t be happier!

While the home is humble compared to most of our homes, the children each have beds for the first time in their lives. Along with some other furniture that members of Covenant and Beulah Elementary School faculty provided. Through this process, Mrs. Pennyammon has kept asking why all of these people who don’t know her, would do this for her and her children. We simply answer that the love of Christ compels us.

Members have dropped off groceries, air mattresses, and other supplies, have offered to do their laundry, and even to have them in their homes. Several women have had the opportunity to share and pray with Mrs. Pennyammon and her mother and to point them to Christ.  Missions does begin at home, and in our own communities and we are thrilled that Covenant has a heart for those in need, both physical and spiritual.

A special thanks to those who gave of their time, energy and resources so willingly to help the Pennyammons: Bob and Betty Norman, Shea and Andrew Tillman, Elbert and Dana Lee, Cathy and Mike Wayman, Rita Grub, Gloria Jackson, Carol and Tom Tillman, Adam and Maegan Keel, Stephen and Meredith Taunton, Herb Wilbanks, Mark and Beth Slay, Tim and Lois Hunter, Marjorie Mitchell, John and Susan DiJulio, Karen Stephenson, Jack and Teri Johnson, Dave and Shelley Pillow, the Slay/Manifold/Judd/Pair small group, and the Diaconate for their support in the Pennyammon project.

It doesn’t take a village; it takes a church!