Weekly Missions Message

By December 5, 2017 Missions Message

Migration and Church Planting

In the New Testament migration was a key factor in the advance of the church. Paul ends his epistle to the Romans with greetings to a long list of people he had met throughout the Roman Empire, who have all ended up in Rome. A constant migration took place within the Roman Empire, somewhat like our experience in the twenty-first century. Rome, the center of cultural, economic, and political power, attracted migrants just as today, rich countries draw people from underdeveloped countries seeking jobs, security, and a future.

In the New Testament, we see Christian mission taking place among people on the move. The founders of the Antioch church (Acts 11:19) were people scattered by religious persecution.

In the past few years, huge numbers of refugees have migrated from the Middle East and North Africa.  Near us, in Clarkston, Georgia, is said to be the most diverse population in the world contained within one square mile.  This population is made up of refugees temporarily located there after being cleared and accepted by the National Immigration Service.  Some of those refugees probably are Christians who have been displaced from their home culture. Almost certainly, many of them do not know Christ, and may have displaced and relocated to prepare them to respond to the work of the Holy Spirit and believe the gospel.

Auburn is a new home for many migrants, many as students at the university, some as workers, and perhaps some seeking a better, safer life, and perhaps some as refugees from persecution.

Pray and think about how God can use you to help build his Church among migrants.