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By October 31, 2017 Missions Message

OneStory Missions

I am off to Cameroon next month, leaving Nov 13. I will go to teach Oral Bible storying at a course (known as i-Delta) that is run by Bible translators in Cameroon. I-Delta trains national Bible translators and gives them academic credit, in a part of the world where such credit is very difficult to come by, especially when related to Bible translation. My contribution will be to remind them of the need for oral Bible stories, as well as a print Bible. The course will run for about 10 days in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon.

On the 4th of December, I will meet Audu (from Nigeria) in another town in Cameroon where there is a recording studio. The goal will be to complete the recording of the story set in Audu’s language that was begun about 4-5 years ago. This story project was originally sponsored by Trans World Radio (TWR) so the stories could be broadcast on the TWR transmitter in Benin, Africa. My wife Lois and I lived in Nigeria in 2009-2010 to help Audu work on the stories. Pray for this recording project to go well, so that all the stories will be finally available for Audu’s people. Recording success will also enable Audu and his friends to go back to Nigeria with all the stories on SD cards. The cards can go into peoples’ phones who want to hear the stories!

These people have a history of tremendous resistance to the Gospel message, so pray for this project. It should have finished more than 5 years ago, but there is enormous opposition in the spirit realm. (NOTE: The name of the language/people is purposely left out, due to the sensitivity of the project, as illustrated in the first part of this letter.) Thanks for lifting this up to the Lord of the harvest! I am scheduled to return to Auburn on December 12th.

In His Service,
Tim Hunter
OneStory Administrator