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“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before-hand that we would walk in them.”  

~Eph. 2:10



“36 percent of young adults, ages 18-31, have either moved back in with their parents or never left home.” – Pew Research Center Poll (March 2012)


This social development of our age is sometimes called “failure to launch”. Three qualities seem to describe young men and women in the failure-to-launch mode.

  • They are insecure in their convictions (what is true and what is not true and the difference truth should make in their lifestyles and choices.)
  • They are insecure in their relationships, hesitant to commit to other persons and awkward in growing and maintaining relationships.
  • And they are uncertain of their purpose in life. (There is little sense of direction, little or no answer to the question: “What were you made for?” and, for Christians, “What were you saved for?”

As a result, it’s hard for these young people to get the motor of life started!


What gets you up in the morning? Is there something in your life that will get you up every morning for the rest of your life?

Ephesians 2:10 assures the followers of Christ that God has such a life prepared for us.


“We are His workmanship”

God has made us with a particular purpose in mind. Each person has been “knit together” by God for a purpose. Our frame (physical attributes), our intellectual capacities and our temperaments are specific and pointed toward a bigger plan – the plan of God.

Those who are “created in Christ Jesus” have been equipped by the Holy Spirit in our new nature for Christ’s purpose. We are given a transformed nature and temperament, sometimes a changed body, and supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit “for works of service to build up the body of Christ.” (Eph. 4)

God has made us with a purpose. God has saved us with a purpose. He matches of our created abilities and our supernatural gifting to fulfill His purposes.


God has made believers with a particular purpose, too. His election of you was particular. His creation of you was particular. His redemption of you was particular. You are absolutely unique. And God’s purpose for you is unique, to be found only once in the history of redemption.


In general, we know that God’s purpose for those who are in Christ is “good works” (works that are good that do good).

Not only has God prepared you, He has prepared the good work to be done by you. These are “good works which He prepared beforehand”. All that God plans to accomplish through those who belong to Him fits into God’s big purpose for world history. Our particular plan fits perfectly into God’s big plan.

So, prepared for His plan for works that He has already planned, we are to walk out that plan – “that we would walk in them.” He intends His purpose, in us, to be our lifestyle.


Do you know God’s calling and gifting in your life? Have you discovered why He made you and why He saved you?


No calling is more impossible: it will always be Christ working the impossible through you.

No calling is more thrilling: Christ’s purpose throws you daily onto His grace, while you get to join Him, accomplishing His glorious mission through the the unique niche for which He made you and saved you.


Nothing can launch you into the rest of your life with more certainty and joy!

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