“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!”

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In 2Corinthians 9:15Paul calls Christ, “God’s indescribable gift”. Let’s think about that for a minute.

In Greek myth, Pandora is the first woman. For a cruel wedding gift, Zeus gave her a beautiful container which, when opened, would release evil and misery into the world. Of course, she opened the gift and the rest is history. So believed the ancient Greeks.

All agree that evil and misery are let loose in the world. The Bible tells a better story of our history – not myth. The Children’s Catechism reminds us: “What happened to Adam and Eve when they sinned?” A: “Instead of being holy and happy, they became sinful and miserable.”

Christmas is the story of another gift, given by God to a world full of sin and misery. It is the gift of Christ. Pandora was driven to open Zeus’ gift out of curiosity. People who know their own sin and misery are led to open God’s gift out of need.

Lift the top off God’s Gift and you will see…

 Wonder of wonders: Christ came below to raise sinners above. He was born like us that we might become like Him.
 Lift the top off God’s Gift and you will see… Love: When we could not rise to Him, He draws near on wings of grace, to raise us to Himself.
 Lift the top off God’s Gift and you will see… Power: When Deity and humanity were infinitely apart, He united them in indissoluble unity, the uncreated and the created.
 Lift the top off God’s Gift and you will see… Wisdom: When we were undone, with no will to return to Him, and no intelligence great enough to devise recovery, He came, God-incarnate to save us, as man to die my death, to shed satisfying blood on my behalf, to work out a perfect righteousness for me.

The Christ-gift is open for all to see in the scriptures – His wonder, His love, His power and His wisdom. But will YOU take the gift of Christ as your own?

And so, looking upon Christ, will you pray this ancient Puritan prayer?

O God, take me in spirit to the watchful shepherds and enlarge my mind;
Let me hear good tidings of great joy,
​And hearing, let me believe, rejoice, praise, adore.
Let my conscience be bathed in an ocean of consolation,
My eyes lifted to a reconciled Father.
Place me with ox, ass, camel, goat, to look with them upon my Redeemer’s face, and in Him account myself delivered from sin.
Let me with Simeon clasp the new-born child to my heart, exulting that He is mine and I am His.

In Christ, God has given us so much that heaven can give no more. ​​​Let’s pray together…

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