You may be a modern Pharisee if…

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You may be a modern Pharisee if…

i.      You are a conservative, Bible-believing Christian inwardly driven by the outward standard of being a “good Christian”.

ii.      You  practice a Christian lifestyle because you want make everything “all right” with God or to get God’s “blessing”.

iii.      You feel distant from God when spiritual disciplines slip: Daily devotions, skipping church, neglecting an opportunity to share your faith.

iv.      You are more spiritual when you are guilty, knowing that you have to make up what you have done.

v.      You feel close to God, even a little ecstatic, when you can check off all the God-boxes.

vi.      Your words and actions often are motivated by fear or a desire to be better than someone else.

vii.      You feel dirty or polluted around people who are doing things God hates.

viii.      The constant demand to make and keep a good record and reputation exhausts you.



Gary Spooner, pastor

Covenant Presbyterian Church

445 Shelton Road, Auburn, AL. 36830



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