Making Sense of Suffering

By November 23, 2009Psalms


In Jesus’ case, suffering produced a perfect prayer for perfect suffering – Jesus prayed this prayer from His cross.

Jesus suffered like none other. Though His physical suffering was acute, His mental and spiritual suffering were beyond measure. He bore the sins of the world and their consequences. He was made sin for us. He fully satisfied the wrath of God. Yet He sang while He suffered. He sang Psalm 22. (See Matthew 27:33-50)

You think it is impossible to sing while you suffer, to praise, exalt, sing for joy? Jesus has given us so much life that no suffering need overcome it, no sadness, no loss. ( The pain is not anesthetized; it becomes the form that shapes and prompts life and prayers of trust and joy.

But I suffer like a pagan

As if I were left to my self in a world of suffering

As if God were capricious or absent

As if Christ had never come.

As if this life is all there is.

As if there were no eternal life.

As if Christ’s presence and power were not enough.

As if others who suffer don’t need a Savior.

As if my holiness were not precious and delightful to God.

O God, I don’t want to suffer like a pagan. Teach me to meet suffering with such love and trust in you, that I can sing the song of Christ, even in my suffering.

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