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Unless Christ and His salvation have come to you, money is simply the food you feed to your gods.

Man-driven economies organize around gods, gods of pleasure, gods of comfort and gods of glory. Give your life to the god, and the god will give you what you want.

And from the market viewpoint, your money is your life converted to currency.

We are all like this. We earn and expend our lives to buy our heart’s safety and satisfaction. We work to get — to acquire, to accumulate, to buy – LIFE. The consumer market advertises the pagan temples in upscale shopping districts. And we come by the droves, and pay. But it’s never enough. Soon we give what we do not have and the gods we feed with our debt enslave us.

Zaccheus (Luke 19:1-10) was lost in a very lucrative market. He worked to get and he gave to get. Sound familiar?

Jesus found him in the crowd and turned his life and his economics inside-out. For when Christ set him free, he began to work to give… and he began to give to give.

Are you lost in a dead-end market of the soul? Jesus is looking for people who are lost. He knows your name. He will find you and look you in the eye.

Receive Him gladly and the economy of your heart will be free indeed!

Gary  Spooner, pastor

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